Jesus’ was deeply aware that timing was essential. His time was soon, in fact in the next few verses. But this was not His time 

"Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come" (John 2:4 ESV)

Mary may or may not have understood what Jesus was saying to her, but she did know His character and His compassion, so she told the servants to do whatever He told them to do.

The servants were completely obedient, even though it may have seemed terribly risky to them. The four foot tall stone jugs Jesus was pointing towards, telling them to fill, were standing in the entry hall. The jugs' purpose was menial: they were used to wash the hands and feet of the guests, and the utensils used during the feast. Yet the servants unquestioningly re-filled these six large jugs. 

Then they drew water from the jugs, poured the water into fresh pitchers, and brought those pitchers to the master of the feast to taste

The big question is when this water turned into wine. What must they have been thinking? Really risky to bring water when wine was expected. And yet they were unquestioning, unhesitating in their obedience. Somewhere along their walk from the water jugs to the master of feast, the water became wine. 

There is a practical lesson in this miracle about serving God. The water turned into wine as the servants cooperated with Jesus and obeyed His commands. Obedience always lets you get in on the action, on the inside of what God is doing.

To not obey whatever Jesus tells you is to be left out of what He is doing in a particular situation. When you and I obey Jesus and put the water of our efforts into His hands, then as we pour our efforts out as He directs, others find that what you are giving them is rich; it’s the best.

John said that this was the first of Jesus’ miracles, a sign that revealed Jesus’ glory by displaying Jesus' power over creation. By His word a profound alteration took place in those jars, and the result was the best wine anyone had ever tasted. 

• That it happened on the third day hinted at Jesus’ resurrection on the third day. 

• The marriage feast itself hinted at the marriage feast that will one day be held in heaven. 

• Water that could only wash externally was transformed into wine that warmed with joy from within. 

• Earthly wine, earthly joy, runs out at some point, but Jesus’ wine is better than any earthly wine, and it will never run out. 

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