The disciples belief in Jesus was deepened. 

Physical miracles are signs pointing to greater spiritual truths

Jesus is gracious, and He wants to change your potential disaster into a joyous occasion, something that will reveal His glory and strengthen your faith.

How "God-sized" are the problems you and I bring to Jesus? 

What situation are you experiencing right now that seems impossible? It’s out of your control

* You have aging parents that need more care than you can give. 

* You’ve lost your job, or your spouse has lost their job. 

* Your savings are gone and the bills are stacking up. 

* Someone in your life has become your enemy and they are either spreading lies about you or are trying to influence other people in your life against you. 

* You are facing a medical condition that seems hopeless, or one of your children has been diagnosed with something that you do not have enough resources to handle.

You might have heard other people tell you to “take it to Jesus” and you are wondering just exactly does “taking it to Jesus” mean? He’s invisible, and you’re wondering what He’s been doing anyway, since you’re in the situation you’re in.

Taking it to Jesus means doing what Mary did

First, know Jesus’ character the way Mary knew Him, without any doubt, with absolute confidence, counting on His companions and the servants believing that He would powerful enough, and loving enough and good enough to do the impossible thing that she couldn’t do. 

Then tell Jesus what’s going on, simply and honestly, the way Mary did, who trusted Jesus would not humiliate the wedding party, and trusted Jesus would want to do something about it. 

And finally, like Mary, surrender all authority to Jesus, being willing to do whatever He tells you to do – through God’s word in the Bible, through wise counsel, and listening in your heart through prayer.

As you experience the Lord’s response to your prayer, in your situation, your faith will be strengthened

It’s one thing to read about God’s power in a book, and quite another to experience God’s power in your real life. Studying God’s word is about a lot more than gaining knowledge. This is real life, just as it was for that newly married couple in Cana.

Faith must be expectant to be genuine, and must be willing to take a risk on GodThat’s the funny thing about faith. You don’t really have it until you start using it.

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