A Little More on The Holy Spirit

Of course, there are volumes and volumes of books written about the Holy Spirit. I’ve only read a few, and they’ve been helpful to me in understanding the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity, a Person who shares in all the fullness of God. (Some mistakenly identify the Holy Spirit as merely a “power” or a “feeling.”)

He’s spoken of in both the Old and New Testaments, showing up in the very first chapter of the very first book, Genesis, in the creation scene. And He’s present in the very last chapter of the very last book, Revelation, inviting everyone who longs for life to come to the Lord Jesus and receive life from Him.

When the Lord Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit, He told the disciples He had to leave them, had to go up to heaven in order to send them the Holy Spirit, Whom He called "One Who is another Me" – exactly and interchangeably the same in every way as Jesus Himself. (In the epistles the Holy Spirit is sometimes referred to as “The Spirit of Christ”). Jesus was sending the same personality that lived within Him to His disciples and all believers to live within them.

The Holy Spirit has specific work to do among believers of every era:

1.  Create

   * He is the power that brought forth life from the void

   * The agent of creation in being born again

   * The power of the resurrection

2.  Convict

   * Reveal truth

   * Convict of sin, leading to repentance

   * Believers discover they can grieve the Spirit and even douse His flame – He won't leave them, but it will be like He is gone if one chooses to refuse Him.

3.  Counsel

   * Interpret scripture

   * Illuminate God’s word

   * Enables believers to understand God’s thoughts, and words

   * Recall God’s word

4.  Compassion

   * Act as Counselor and Comforter, filling our hearts with God’s love

   * Intercede for, and through, believes

5.  Cleanse

   * From sin

6.  Command

   * God’s direct, timely, guidance in all areas of life

7.  Communion

   * Permanently seal the believer unto God, and to salvation

   * Join all believers into one body

8.  Communicate

   * Witness to believers

   * Witness through believers

9.  Commission

   * Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a one-time bringing to new life

   * The New Testament also talks about a "filling" of the Holy Spirit, which may occur repeatedly, and is signified by God's equipping to bear truthful, faithful witness to the Gospel, to witness about Jesus as the Savior

   * Throughout scripture the Spirit anoints kings, prophets, and other leaders

10. Confer

   * Empowers believers to do God's will.

   * Gives believers particular gifts, in order to build up the whole of the church.

   * Act as Helper; in Greek "One called alongside to help, to strengthen, and encourage."