Meet JOanne and Anita



Each course focuses on a particular character from the Bible, presenting their stories in a way to encourage living out the timeless truths of scripture.  

Through a unique blend of Bible study, performance, Biblical scholarship, discussion and personal reflection, we aim to present relevant historical background, provide greater understanding of each character's story, offer emotional connections, and opportunity for spiritual growth.


“AVSS was so amazing!!  They led our ladies retreat and everyone absolutely LOVED it!!  Anita's reenactment of the women of the Bible was so inspiring.  Each story came to life and was portrayed beautifully.  Joanne's teaching dug deeper into each story which enabled us to reflect the true meaning behind each character.  Anita and Joanne are both extremely talented!!  If you're looking to be inspired, want to dig deeper into God's Word, or would like to see ancient stories come to life, then check out AVSS!!”

Brooke Thompson

Director of Arise Women's Ministries

Crossroads Church of the Nazarene