Joanne Guarnieri Hagemeyer

Joanne GuaRnieri Hagemeyer

Teaching the Bible to change lives, Joanne led and taught a Bible class of 350-500 students from 2003 to 2013, and has recently retired as an advisor and mentor to eight Bible classes in the Maryland area with BSF, International.  Joanne continues to serve on the pulpit teaching team of her church, New Hope Chapel, Arnold, MD, and is currently attending Portland Seminary, working towards a Masters in Theological Studies.

Her great love for the Bible began as a child, watching the men in synagogue pray the words of scripture, murmuring and weeping, lovingly touching and kissing the Torah. When she received her own Bible at church in 1970, she read the whole book, from preface to concordance, with transcendent joy, knowing these were the very words of God. Joanne continues in God’s call to teach, counsel, mentor, and train in His word and Spirit through retreats, Bible studies, and online classes.

Also a long-time "armchair archaeologist," Joanne joined the Board of Directors for the Biblical Archaeology Forum in 2013 and has participated in two excavations, Tel Kabri and Tel Akko.

Another passion for Joanne is the healing work of counseling, and currently serves as a lay counselor and trainer in affiliation with The Lay Counselor Institute, since 2012.

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Anita Gutschick

Anita Gutschick is an experienced stage actress who has studied acting, voice, and movement and worked professionally in video, film, and radio since 1989. She developed Women of the Bible in 1995 and it has become her most passionate vocation. God’s grace has allowed her to share the messages of these biblical women with tens of thousands of audience members across the United States.

Anita has performed at hundreds of retreats, conferences, and programs for various denominations all across the country. Women of the Bible has been the focus of women's retreats at regional and national gatherings

Anita has served as a deacon, is trained as a Stephen Minister, and has participated in Bible Study Fellowship. In 2004 she took a Walk to Emmaus – De Colores! 

She has recently joined forces with Joanne Hagemeyer to form Ancient Voices, Sacred Stories, which is a platform to co-lead retreats and develop on-line courses centered around Biblical characters.

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