The Program



6:30pm – Registration/fellowship

7-7:30pm – Worship with song

PROGRAM 7:30-8:30pm – Water Jars (Anita) [Rebekah, Woman at the Well, Ruth]

~ Rebekah was funny, self-centered, conniving, and a prime candidate for family counseling. Her nose was in everyone else's business, including God's - big mistake! 

~ Exciting news! Jesus is at the Samaritan well. And the Samaritan Woman with a shady past could not wait to tell all the townspeople who have spurned her. 

~ Gentle Ruth, despite a broken heart, was transformed by love - loving a man she was supposed to hate; loving her mother-in-law, loving the God of Israel.

[DEVOTIONAL]The program comes with a devotional participants may do on their own time, either during the retreat for quiet time, or after the retreat for further study

TALK 8:30-9pm – Thirst for Meaning, Over-arching theme for the weekend (Joanne)


8:30 – Breakfast

9:30-10am – Worship with song

PROGRAM 10-11:15am – Principles and Passion (Anita and Joanne) [Miriam, Hagar, Prodigal’s Mother]

~ A dutiful oldest sister, Miriam did everything right, but God exposed what was really in her heart.

~ Hagar was a woman of passions, searching for significance, and thinking she'd found it in a promised child.

~ Caught between two impossible choices, the Prodigal's Mother knew a wisdom that went deeper than outward righteousness. 

DISCUSSION* 11:15-12:15pm – Discussion groups

TALK 12:15-12:30pm – Duty or Destiny, Themes in Principles and Passion (Joanne)

12:30 – Lunch

1:45-2pm – Worship in song

DISCUSSION 2pm – Discussion on right thinking, right feeling, and right practice (Anita and Joanne)

WORKSHOP 3-5pm – Friend to Friend workshop, From the Prodigal’s Mother (Joanne)

6pm – Dinner

TALK 7-7:30pm – Testimony, My Destiny (Anita)

TALK 7:30-7:45pm – Testimony, My Calling (Joanne)

PROGRAM 7:45-9pm – Contemplative Song Worship Service (Anita and Joanne)

*Training is available for discussion group leaders one hour before registration


8:30 – Breakfast

9:30-10am – Worship with song

PROGRAM 10-11am Participants share how God met them over the weekend

TALK 11-11:30am – Wrap up and Prayer (Joanne)