The Program



8:30 – Breakfast

9:30-10am – Worship with song

PROGRAM 10-10:35am – Truth of the Matter (Anita) [Jezebel, Noah’s Wife]

~ Evil Queen Jezebel had married into the royal family of God's people. Ambitious and entitled, she had an excuse for everything. 

~ Noah's Wife was on a forty day cruise, where she had to deal with too much poop, too many chores, too much noise, and too many cranky daughters-in-law - she was at her wit's end.  

DISCUSSION* 10:45-11:30am – Discussion groups

TALK 11:45-12:15pm – Filtered Truth (Joanne)

12:30 – Lunch

1:45-2pm – Worship in song

PROGRAM 2-2:30pm – Pilate's Wife (Anita)

~ Married to a publicly dishonored and exiled man, Pilate's Wife told a story that  confronts all with a truth that matters.

DISCUSSION* 2:30-3pm – Discussion groups

WORKSHOP 3-5pm – Sharing the Gospel workshop – Pilate's Wife (Joanne)

6pm – Dinner

TALK 7:15-7:45 – The Gospel (Joanne)

DISCUSSION 8-8:30pm – Discussion groups

8:45-9pm – Worship in Song

*Training is available for discussion group leaders one hour before registration